Booed at the Bridal Shower

So, have you ever been booed?

How about at a bridal shower?

A few years ago, at a bridal shower that I attended, we were asked to give my friend advice.

So, I actually really thought about this. I was probably only three years into marriage. And, I believe I started off something like. "Sometimes, you have to bite your tongue and let the man be the man.

So, I didn't get all boos, but I got some really? what? are you serious?


But, I finished and proceeded to tell the importance of submission and allowing your man to lead his household as it is intended.

And, I think some of the bridal shower attendees accepted it. And, that is my theme to anyone now at a bridal shower.

Look, I hear you too. If you have Control Freak Tendencies like me and think that you are the brains in the relationship, then I know you are looking at this post sideways.

 Trust me, I feel you when your temperatures rise when we think of the word


It is painful, it feels like death. And, in some instances, it is.  I encourage you to just take one step at a time. Go ahead and be adventurous.How about you let him pick the movie? Listen to his side, without saying "but".


  That's right. Submission is a conscious choice. You are choosing to lay down your way, creating an easier path for that hubby of yours to lead.

What I love about my marriage  is that my husband values my opinion. Hey, but I know there are some times that I should just really bite my tongue.

Even those times, where I released my tongue and then wanted to rebel against my husband so to speak, the Holy Spirit puts me in check and reminds me whose last name I carry.

I don't know if your husband is a God-fearing man or not. And, I don't know what he is asking you to submit to. But, if he loves the Lord and what he is asking is not contradicting the Word, why not trust him?

If it was the wrong decision, it may help him to see better. Don't go back and throw that in his face though . Take this time to pray for him and love on him even more. I know he needs you.

But, you know what is great about letting your husband lead your household, the appreciation that you get.

There was one instance,  I submitted to a big decision that my husband wanted to do.


Marcus wanted to get a new car, and I was not feeling it. Yet, I decided to take the plunge into submission and said okay. So, we got the car. Once the car was in our possession, I will never forget him saying to me "Thank You”.  It was just one of the sweetest and heartfelt appreciation that I ever received. It was a sign that he knew that I trusted him. And, it is great feeling to be trusted. Plus, I am now driving the car that he got because I loved it so much, haha!


The scripture passage that I leave you with is Ephesians 5:25- 31.

Hey, we are honoring the Lord, when we have our husbands in the rightful place. And, you know what I am so thankful that God has given me someone, who wants to lead my home and take care of me. Just one less thing I am not worried about.



What advice would you share to a newlywed? What are some things that you put over in the hand of your husband and what was the outcome?