Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated, But

So, we all have probably heard of that Golden Rule of "treat others the way that you want to be treated." Even Jesus commands us to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

But, then you get older and people really try you and your patience. At least my patience has been tried, fried and died one hundred times over.

But, I was blessed in 2017. One of  my closest friends, spoke a word to me one day.

"Shannon, you can treat others how you wanted to be treated, but it doesn't mean they are going to treat you the same way back."

Yes, my mind was blown. A spirit of clarity really came over me. The flip side, the B track of the Golden Rule, includes a huge but.

I hear and see so many people in today's society talk about:

  • Forget You, Screw You , <insert your term> You

  • I am going to stop being nice to people because they don't give a crap about me.

  • Nobody needs Nobody

We are so jaded. And, trust me I have been jaded and over it, too. But, my friend's statement helped and overwhelmed me. In our instantaneous society, we don't have time to wait on somebody to act right. We can move on to something bigger and better. It doesn't mean this response is right, but it is an all too familiar response.

I am a person, who prides myself on being nice to everyone and treating everyone with respect. Some might say that I'm too nice. I say, it is just southern hospitality and an attempt to let Jesus shine through.

So, of course, it gets under my skin when someone doesn't speak to me for no apparent reason. Or, I just think there are apparent reason is silly. I am one to even try and demonstrate a little more love and compassion on the hardest nuts to crack. Yet, there are still several people in my life, who are still on the flip side of the Golden Rule.

And, then I have the natural response. My alterego ShaNita comes out and wants to tell Felicia, bye and Billy Bob just to get out of my face. I want to be done with these particular individuals.

Yet, there is something that won't allow me to do it. It is probably the Holy Spirit, who spoke those words through my dear friend.  "Shannon, you can treat others how you wanted to be treated, but it doesn't mean they are going to treat you the same way back." I honestly have to remind myself of that everyday and surround myself around people, who will encourage me to act spiritually.

 I have to continue on. I still gotta show that same love and respect that I desire and hopefully will one day receive. But, now it goes a step further. I have to pray that God will preserve me against the less than wonderful actions and attitudes of others. I know I also need to pray for these individuals, but ShaNita, sometimes hinders those prayers lol.

As I realize how much I can't control the people around me and their actions, there is a little more freedom I get. There is a little less sting from those people on the flip side. I bask in the Hater-ade and keep it moving. I'm reminded of that Canton Jones' song, Hater Day.

  And, I'll end with that. " Do Something   

  Good For Your Hater Today.

  Lord, help us with  tomorrow."



 Other Saving Scriptures:

Luke 6:26-36

  Matthew 5:43-48

  Colossians 3:23 -24